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What are the most important things that every child needs from their parents?

By on May 28, 2021

What are the most important things that every child needs from their parents?

A family is not fulfilling without children but most importantly every child expects something from their parents baby stroller for two. Even most of them are not known about it because lack of knowledge about their child. Likewise, people never want to be a good human because they want to be a good parent. But it is not a good thing because only a good human can build a good child. So, if you want to be a good parent you need to know what your child expects from you. And here are those important things for your knowledge make use of it. Those things are interaction between you and your kid, loving touches, constant relationships, healthy relationships, quality care on them, perfect communication, and laughter therapy with them. 

There is nothing important than interaction with your kid because it is a must for your relationship with them. Even teaching about self-esteem is essential so it increases their respect for you and others. And lack of communication with them is important because it will increase their trust in you. So, they can share their sad and happy moments with you. Then playing some goof games with them will increase their mental strength because there are no medicines that improve mental strength other than playing. As well as playing some outdoor games like cricket will improve their physical and mental strength too so keep these things in your mind and make use of it. 

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Importance of communication with your child:

Already you people know how important communication is but it is fundamental to kid’s development. And every kid needs to be communicating with their parents to learn life skills because then only they can get the solution to get out from their problems. Even lack of communication will lead them to less interact with you and make them choose the wrong way. When you want to build them with positivity you need good communication skills to boost them in critical situations. At the same time, good communication will prevent your kid from drug and alcohol addiction. So, your kid’s life is in your hand and builds them a good human. Also, there are six importance of communication such as,

  • Improve their decision-making skills and plans
  • Make them cool in tough situation
  • Improve their coordination skills with the team
  • Increase their management skills
  • Increasing their industrial peace
  • Helps them in effective leadership

And when you are not communicating with them not only, they are failed in skills even they are failed in life too. So, try to be concentrate on building their skills. 

Even some of the casual things that we doing in their everyday life will be the turning point in their life. And talking about the full day activity, talk about their friends, about television programs, making them to do pick what they want from them. So, keep your eye on your kid and build them such a good human being. 

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Solidarity Practices

Pandemic is taking children and adolescents away from solidarity practices

By on February 17, 2021

In an interview with the Lusa agency, the retired professor at the University of Porto, a specialist in the philosophy of Education, warns that the current situation will have consequences for the training of young people.

“Training for values ​​is not done through theoretical models, but through real experience, in which attention and care for others is important,” he says, pointing out that volunteer projects among the youngest are mainly developed from schools, currently operating on a non-face-to-face basis.

The academic considers that the civic training and the political conscience of the young people may be compromised by the interruption of the normal course of training that goes on in the second year of confinement periods, decreed by the Government to curb the contagions of SARS-CoV2.

According to Adalberto Dias de Carvalho, more and more young people have to be trained through the so-called transversal skills, which are basically the relational skills considered fundamental for “their future professional practice, for their current coexistence” and also for training “ as solidary people ”, he specifies.

On the other hand, young people are currently stranded at home, deprived of normal coexistence with colleagues and friends and of common life experiences at this stage of their lives, which pushes them even further into the circle of virtual networks, which they do not replace personal, face-to-face relationships, stresses the teacher.

“It does not substitute in terms of his affective relationship, but neither does it substitute in terms of facing the risks, the dangers that are posed to him or that he himself generates, which is characteristic of this age, but that he [young] is learning to manage ”, He notes.

Life, he says, is made up of these affections and also of the risks that young people face, coming from abroad or being generated by themselves: “They are deprived of this. If they are not totally private, at least the possibility of this type of experience has been greatly diminished ”.

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